Desin Process

designing Your dream Landscape

Elevate your outdoor living experience with our innovative landscape design process. At Gardens of Life, we blend creativity and expertise to craft captivating landscapes that reflect your unique style and preferences. Our process begins with an in-depth consultation, where we listen to your vision and gather essential information about your space. Through careful analysis and creative brainstorming, we develop a comprehensive design plan that maximizes your outdoor potential. Using cutting-edge technology, we provide detailed renderings and 3D visualizations, allowing you to visualize the end result. With meticulous attention to detail and expert implementation, we bring your dream landscape to life, creating a harmonious and inspiring outdoor sanctuary. Contact us today to embark on your landscape transformation journey.


In addition to delivering breathtaking imagery, Gardens of Life also offers solutions for your practical requirements. Our digital 2D drafting service ensures the creation of precise and comprehensive plans that can be conveniently shared with other collaborators involved in the project.

While every one of our 2D projects begins with a foundational master plan, we also provide a variety of additional options:

Hardscape/softscape: Detailed plans outlining the design elements for both hardscape (such as pathways and structures) and softscape (including plants and vegetation).

Planting: Comprehensive plans specifying the types and arrangements of plants to be incorporated into the project.

Quantities: Accurate calculations and documentation of material quantities required for the project, aiding in efficient procurement and budgeting.

Dimensions and layout: Precise measurements and layouts depicting the spatial arrangement of various elements within the project.

Schematic lighting plans: Plans illustrating the placement and distribution of lighting fixtures to enhance the visual atmosphere.

Floor plans: Detailed representations of the project's layout from a top-down perspective, indicating room arrangements and spatial relationships.

Sections and elevations: Visual depictions that showcase vertical views and cross-sections of the project, providing insights into its structural components and design details.

Photoshop rendered plans and details: Plans and specific project elements rendered using Photoshop, enabling enhanced visualization and presentation of the design.

Feel free to let us know which add-ons you are interested in, and we'll be glad to assist you further!

2D Design

Gardens Of Life specializes in offering visually captivating 2D designs that seamlessly integrate practical considerations. Our expertise lies in crafting detailed and shareable plans, while ensuring meticulous accuracy, to facilitate collaboration among project collaborators.

At the core of our 2D design service is a comprehensive master plan. Additionally, we provide a range of supplementary options:

Hardscape/softscape: Comprehensive plans that encompass both hardscape elements (e.g., pathways, structures) and softscape elements (e.g., plants, vegetation) to bring balance and harmony to the design.

Planting: Thoughtfully curated plans that outline the selection, placement, and arrangement of plants, elevating the overall aesthetics and functionality of the design.

Quantities: Precise calculations and documentation of material quantities required for the project, ensuring efficient procurement and budget management.

Dimensions and layout: Accurate measurements and visually appealing layouts that depict the spatial arrangement and relationships between various elements, providing clarity and guidance during implementation.

Schematic lighting plans: Illuminating plans illustrating the strategic placement and distribution of lighting fixtures, creating ambiance and enhancing the desired mood and functionality of the design.

Floor plans: Detailed top-down views that showcase the layout and organization of rooms, spaces, and architectural features, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the project's spatial arrangement.

Sections and elevations: Visual representations that offer vertical insights through cross-sections and elevations, highlighting critical structural components and design details.

Photoshop rendered plans and details: Professionally executed plans and design elements rendered using Photoshop, enabling enhanced visualization and presentation of the design concept.

Select from our range of add-ons to personalize your 2D design experience. With our commitment to captivating visuals and practical solutions, we aim to deliver exceptional results tailored to your project's specific needs.



3d models

In the field of landscape design, it is important to acknowledge that the majority of projects do not involve flat terrains. While varying elevations add intrigue to a design, they can pose challenges for individuals without specialized knowledge. Clients often find it difficult to interpret 2D plans that include specific elevation markers and directional indicators.

Three-dimensional visualizations of your plans and proposals offer a significantly more comprehensible alternative. They not only simplify the understanding process but also have the ability to identify potential issues at an early stage, facilitating project cost estimation. When utilized in conjunction with 3D rendering, this becomes an optimal method to effectively present and promote your ideas, serving as a powerful medium for communication and persuasion.


Gardens of Life offers visualizations that can be the solution your business needs to secure more projects and expedite the progression of existing ones from concept to realization. Our convenient on-demand service empowers you to provide the same level of design expertise as larger firms, all without the burden of hiring additional staff or investing in costly hardware and software.

Leveraging cutting-edge 3D modeling and rendering software, we transform your sketches and plans into stunning and immersive visuals that accurately showcase your project proposals.

Moreover, 3D models and renders serve as valuable tools for collaboration among project collaborators, ensuring a shared understanding and alignment towards the common objective. They also serve as compelling marketing materials, enhancing your ability to showcase and promote your projects effectively.

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